I had planned to make this post no matter how busy I could be for LocWorld…
It was yesterday that the second year of LOGOStar started.

During the first year as freelancer, I experienced tremendously various things.
Even nowadays, I feel the responsibility and solitude as freelancer.
I have not had much jobs for consulting. I am feeling not enough promotion and I was not prepared enough.
It is a pity that I do not have enough knowledge on accounting and contracting.
I owe lots to those who give me opportunities to publish articles on magazines and papers, or to perform presentation.
Dealing with various translation agencies as a freelance translator, I found some things that I had never imagined.
And I would like to make lots of efforts promoting XTM, a wonderful TMS, in Japan.
I would continue doing volunteer activities, wishing to make contribution for translation industry.
Especially those who linked on SNS, I obtain hints and I am encouraged by their casual words.
LOGOStar is established, being helped with various people at various stages.

For the proper use and development of language technologies, I shall execute business plans consistently.